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 Yardley Ice House GIFT SHOP
Yardley Ice House
Jackie McGonigal
77 South Main Street
Yardley, PA 19067
Phone: 215-321-9788
Cell: 2159326647
At the Yardley Ice House, our specialty is bringing the community together over delicious and refreshing handcrafted water ice. Our gourmet Italian ice flavors will satisfy your taste-buds on a hot summer day or provide with you with a delightful spring treat. If you are in the Yardley PA area, stop out and enjoy a taste of pure bliss with our gourmet water ice! We invite you to take a look at our menu of water ice flavors, gelatis, custards, sundaes and more. And, feel free to visit us at 77 South Main Street in Yardley PA, or contact us anytime at 215-321-9788.

A GOOD tip: Someone new to the area looking for a great treat, anyone hosting a party and in need of a local item to have, someone looking for a gift certificate for a local water ice shop.


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