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 Have Song Will Travel Have Song Will Travel
Stefan Baker Owner/Teacher
747 Stoney Hill Road
Yardley, PA 19067
Phone: 215-882-2565
Phone: 215-300-2493
Have Song Will Travel offers guitar, ukelele and general music lessons. As the teacher, I am dedicated to unlocking my students creative potential through training in technique, practice and 'musical thinking'. I have 20+ years of experience in creative songwriting, composition, improvisation and performance. My own musical training was supervised by NYC guitarist/composer Bruce Eisenbeil, who was a student of legendary Philadelphia musician Dennis Sandole. In my lessons I endeavor to create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning. I pay close attention to my students thoughts, needs and musical habits. I teach any age or skill level and almost any style. My wish is for my students to get the same level of satisfaction and joy out of music that I have, whether this means becoming a professional songwriter, starting their own rock band or strumming country blues on the porch. Additionally HSWT offers a custom songwriting service. This service is ideal for anyone with a special occasion approaching for which they want the perfect song with a personal touch; weddings, engagements, charity events etc. The moment is yours...shouldn't the song be also?

A GOOD tip: For teaching, parents who have children interested in learning the guitar. Anyone who is older and 'has always wanted to learn' but hasn't yet gotten around to it. Anyone seeking a creative outlet or hobby. For custom songs, anyone with a special occasion looming. Typically people who are attracted to the DIY approach. Someone who wants to make their wedding or engagement perfectly unique.


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