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 McPherson & Newland Insurance INSURANCE - PROPERTY & CASUALTY
McPherson & Newland Insurance
Gabe Schick Insurance Broker
20 Bloomfield Ave
Flemington, NJ 08822
Phone: (609) 240-1767
Phone: 908-782-3710
Cell: (609) 240-1767
Fax: (908) 782-6931
Shopping the insurance marketplace for the best company, coverage & cost for home, auto and business owners throughout Pennsylvania & New Jersey. Working as an Independent Agent/Broker gives me the ability to custom package the necessary coverages for everyones' unique situation. If you can't rattle your property, auto and liability limits off the top of your head, it's a sign you're due for a policy review. Families and businesses grow, downsize and are constantly changing. Policies do not change unless you have an agent who stays abreast of your situation and recommends making adjustments. Keep yourself out of trouble by having a qualified, licensed insurance producer take a look at your coverages. That's what I can do for YOU!

A GOOD tip: A good tip for me would be an introduction to a business owner who perhaps you've heard complaining about his or her business insurance premiums increasing, or maybe isn't receiving return calls from their current agent. Price, service and claims response are the three primary motivators for a business to consider a switch. The rest revolves around timing and trust. I will not force a sale just to put business on the books. It has to be mutually beneficial for both parties.


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